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Lauren was absolutely AWESOME!  Her ability to create something from chaos is amazing. Lauren turned my junk, drop everything and run room into a very organized dressing room which now looks larger than before and everything has a place of its own.  I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone wanting to organize a space. What I saw as total chaos Lauren saw as an art project. She makes the job fun too. I love her. Thanks Lauren! — Client in Kansas City, Missouri

Lauren was AMAZING! From the first meeting she worked to provide the best solution for our spaces, using the existing set up but reorganizing it and using lots of Container Store products to maximize the space and leave each area looking great. I would not only highly recommend Lauren and the service but use her again for any future project. Thank you to the store manager that recommended using the service and Lauren. Without that I would not have known it was available. Our closet spaces are literally transformed! — Client in Kansas City, Missouri

Lauren did an exceptional job designing our closet. We are over the moon pleased with it! Not only is the closet very functional now, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  We will, and already have, recommended The Container Store and their awesome team, to several friends. Thank you ALL so very much, for an awesome experience!!! — Client in Olathe, Kansas

We're only on day two but I am beyond happy with everything that she has done and implemented in the kitchen. Things now make sense and also look pretty. She is absolutely wonderful to work with. I can't wait to get to the other parts of the house organized! She is a master wizard at uncluttering. I’m so so excited to be reclaiming space and having dedicated space for everything. You are worth your weight in gold, Lauren!!! — Client in Kansas City, Missouri

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with everything you’ve done. I was really hating my house and now I like it again, thanks to you! My husband does, too, and I can promise you he would have never, ever done this without a competent outsider leading the way. You should be proud of your talent; it really does make a difference in people’s lives. — Client in Waldo, Missouri

Lauren has truly been a blessing in assisting our family during a very difficult time. Once we find our "forever" place, we know Lauren will organize it in a way that works for us with our challenges in mobility without sacrificing our dignity. A rare jewel worth every dollar spent. — Client in Parkville, Missouri

Getting my home organized is slightly daunting. Lauren came prepared. Took the time to look over everything and then presented me a plan. She took an idea and made it amazing. I do not feel so overwhelmed to get organized now. — Client in Lawrence, Kansas

The amount of transformation of my space during the first session was unbelievable to me. Lauren brought talents I don't have personally, and her perspective was fresh and resourceful! — Client in Kansas City, Missouri

I am so thankful for the time I had with Lauren. She is great at what she does. She is able to take any space and organize it, both the functionality and aesthetics. She categorizes everything, creates a home for each category, and does it in a way that is easy to maintain. Not only does each space look better but it FEELS so much better too! — Client in Salado, Texas

I moved recently and was struggling to get my records and paperwork into some kind of order in my new space. Lauren was a dynamo who kept me on task and prevented me from feeling overwhelmed by it all. She is great with tax records, financial records, and personal records of all kinds! Lauren helped me deal with the accumulated paperwork/memorabilia/books, etc., of not just one relocation, but two--my own and my stepmother's. She was unfazed by the piles of records which I found overwhelming. She is a whiz with tax and other financial records. I found Lauren to be tireless and highly professional. — Client in Temple, Texas

Lauren never stops for lunch. She works like the "white tornado." She has helped me organize some difficult paperwork and is packing me for a move. I have appreciated her expertise and work ethic and plan to stay in touch when we are finished with this project. — Client in Temple, Texas

I loved working with Lauren! She was everything I needed in an organizer and more!!  — Client in Belton, Texas

Lauren is enthusiastic, prepared, and is able to take any space and organize it- often using containers you already have on hand! Highly recommend. She exceeded my expectations! She came prepared with terrific ideas, used her time effectively, and has a clear knowledge of organizing every aspect of a home. I had her return to do more organizing! — Client in Temple, Texas

Lauren is just what you need to tackle any sort of project which has lost its footing in the organization spectrum. (This can happen easily if you are doing back to back projects like I often do!) Lauren will organize, label, sort, and triumphantly congratulate you on your attempts to throw things away! She even carts it off! It couldn't be nicer to "get 'er done" with Lauren. She will help you accomplish the big projects sometimes even in attics and garages, and she is wonderful with files. Have no fear, Sweet Lauren is near. You will be proud of how nice everything turns out in the end! — Client in Salado, Texas

If you haven't had the opportunity to work with Lauren yet, then you are truly missing a great chance to get organized! I am a disabled veteran and it can be very difficult for me to move things around and sort them properly. This is never a problem when you work with Lauren. Not only is she ready to tackle any job with boundless energy, she does all this with joyful attitude and never makes you feel guilty for being clueless or cluttered. A true professional with a wonderful spirt. Lauren is the best... not just an amazing professional, but truly a very kind lady. This was my second chance to work with her, both times have been a blessing. I feel so organized that I can now move with no hassle and stress. Thanks!!! — Client in Temple, Texas

Lauren is the best at bringing chaos into order in any space! She set up my kitchen during a move 2 years ago and things are still in their 'perfect spots.' She tackled my attic and made very practical storage spaces for my junk. She organized our home office creating a brilliant and user friendly filing system. She can do magic in small spaces like closets, cabinets, dressers & drawers too!  I highly recommend her! — Client in Belton, Texas

This is the second time I had Lauren come out to organize for me. The first was my craft room. Yesterday she came out and tackled my computer room. She is just amazing. I've never been disappointed. She always goes the extra mile. If you need help with organizing, Lauren is at the top of the game. I highly recommend her. Thank you for all your hard work. — Client in Holland, TX

You helped me get my house in order, and with that, my life. You are great! — Client in Temple, Texas

I enjoyed having you here and appreciate your skills and knowledge!  Fantastic organizer! I am so tickled I just had to let you know…you found three different earrings that I thought were lost! AND a bracelet! I know I’m certainly not original, but love your last name with your profession….”Well Done!” — Client in Temple, Texas

Thank you! My husband LOVED all that we accomplished yesterday! I can’t thank you enough for all your expertise, energy and excellent ideas in helping me make my new house a home! Everyone needs a Lauren! — Client in Belton, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter LOVES her organized, functional and beautiful room! — Client in Belton, Texas

After you left yesterday, I felt a great relief knowing we had gotten all that paperwork done and this morning I had a new spring in my step. It felt absolutely wonderful this morning not to have that chore hanging over my head. You do a great job keeping the task at hand on target and keeping me going (motivated). Without you, all that would still be sitting there. Thank you so much for your inspiration to keep me going so I can see the finished product…a well organized home…clutter free! I enjoy working with you and thank you for your patience as I get overwhelmed sometimes. Again, thank you and I look forward to our next meeting. — Client in Cameron, Texas

Just in case you’re looking to do some spring cleaning and need some help, I can recommend a wonderful organizer. Her name is Lauren Weldon. She is extremely professional and very talented. I had my closets and my garage organized and I love the results! You can see them on her website! She will even haul off items to Goodwill or place items on Craigslist for you. She doesn’t throw anything away without your go-ahead. She is really great! I just had to tell you about her! — Client in Temple, Texas

I hired Lauren to help organize my kitchen, MBR closet, attic, files, and family photos. She was easy to work with, prompt, and used her time. We had downsized and needed help converting to new space. Recommend highly. — Client in Temple, Texas

Lauren helped set up my kitchen and my filing system when we moved into our new home, she did an outstanding job! Got my kitchen set up very quickly and efficiently! The help in getting the office set up was fantastic!! I highly recommend her services, she does an outstanding job!! — Client in Temple, Texas

Lauren Weldon Organized Interiors took a 3 bedroom house with a broken ceiling and holes in the wall and two full moving trucks worth of our stuff and organized and blended it all into a beautiful, comfortable serene place that feels absolutely like home. Everybody who has come in and seen it can't stop talking about how great it looks. Lauren is an amazing person, friend and a kick ass personal organizer! - Friend & client in Boston, MA

She gives you permission and says it’s OK to throw that away or donate it. She has a real gift and I’m extremely happy with her work. She’s so easy to work with. — Client in Temple, Texas

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